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A Strategic Move from LaLiga to Shakhtar Donetsk



A Strategic Move from LaLiga to Shakhtar Donetsk

Super Eagles striker Olarenwaju Kayode has shed light on his decision to leave Girona for Shakhtar Donetsk, stating that his career faced challenging times in the formidable Spanish LaLiga Santander. Kayode, who encountered goal-scoring difficulties during his 13-game stint with Girona, expressed optimism about a fresh start with the Ukrainian top-division side.

Upon joining Shakhtar Donetsk, Kayode conveyed his enthusiasm for training with his new teammates, highlighting the significance of his move after a tough period in LaLiga. The 24-year-old striker shared insights into his decision-making process, citing consultations with family, particularly his supportive wife, as pivotal in choosing Shakhtar.

“Yes, I played a bit in Spain recently, experiencing a tough moment in my career. I consulted my family, and my wife supported the decision of joining Shakhtar,” Kayode remarked, adding, “I think that’s the right choice. I just can’t wait for training and my debut.”

Expressing admiration for Shakhtar’s football style and the club’s consistent participation in the Champions League, Kayode highlighted his excitement about being part of the team. He recognized the club’s growing reputation in Europe and affirmed his commitment to contributing to its success.

Anticipating collaboration with his new teammates, Kayode acknowledged Shakhtar Donetsk’s impressive roster. He expressed his dedication to making a positive impact and described the experience as a valuable opportunity for personal and team growth.

“They are great players. I am a striker as well, so we all will try to benefit Shakhtar. Joining this team is a great experience for me! I will try hard to do my job well,” Kayode affirmed.

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The move from LaLiga to Shakhtar Donetsk represents a strategic and optimistic chapter in Kayode’s career, and he is eager to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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