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Ndidi Emerges as Nigeria’s Premier Passer in the EPL, Surpassing Moses, Iwobi, and Iheanacho



Ndidi Emerges as Nigeria's Premier Passer in the EPL, Surpassing Moses, Iwobi, and Iheanacho

In a remarkable display of skill and precision, Super Eagles midfielder Wilfred Ndidi has emerged as Nigeria’s top passer in the English Premier League (EPL) with only four games remaining in the season. Ndidi’s exceptional performance on the pitch has seen him complete an impressive total of 1,653 passes, making him the highest passing Nigerian player in the league. This achievement also places him at the commendable 23rd position in the overall classification.

While Ndidi’s noteworthy feat has garnered attention, it is important to acknowledge the other Nigerian talents in the league. Arsenal forward Alex Iwobi, despite facing criticism for his inconsistent displays, secures the second spot with 900 completed passes. Iwobi’s contributions to the Gunners have been influential, and his passing ability cannot be overlooked. Following closely behind is Chelsea wing-back Victor Moses, with an impressive tally of 727 passes.

However, Leicester forward Kelechi Iheanacho finds himself at the other end of the spectrum, as he trails behind his compatriots with a mere 194 passes. Iheanacho’s limited playing time, predominantly spent on the bench, has hindered his ability to showcase his passing prowess. Since his move from Manchester City last summer, the talented forward has only started four of the 17 Premier League games he has participated in thus far.

While Ndidi reigns supreme in terms of passes completed, Iwobi claims the highest number of assists in the league. The former Arsenal Academy graduate has exhibited significant playmaking abilities, providing five assists for the Gunners this season. This surpasses the contributions of both Iheanacho and Ndidi, who have each contributed three assists. Meanwhile, Moses, who has scored the highest number of goals among his compatriots (three), has provided two assists.

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The performances of these Nigerian players in the EPL highlight their immense talent and potential. As the season draws to a close, football enthusiasts eagerly await their future contributions on the pitch, hopeful for more remarkable displays of skill and teamwork.

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