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Mané came out furious at Klopp, who put a chill on the Ballon d’Or




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Last night, Liverpool took a good lead over Villarreal (2-0) and seems to be heading straight for a Champions League final, except for another miracle from the yellow submarine on the way back. Dominating in the game, the Reds were able to count in particular on a scorer Sadio Mané to widen the gap.

But a very unhappy Sadio Mané at the end of the match. Indeed, Jurgen Klopp chose to release the Senegalese striker twenty minutes from the end when the break was made. Enough to make Mané angry, Thiago Alcantara having to calm him down while Diogo Jota, his replacement, almost did not have the right to his handshake at the time of the change.

Klopp calms the game for Mané Ballon d’Or

In front of the press, Jurgen Klopp did not mention this episode but on the other hand calmed the game when talking about a potential Sadio Mané Ballon d’Or. “Sadio is an exceptional player. I have nothing to do with the Ballon d’Or and that sort of thing. He is a world class player. He played a very good game for us again tonight. But I don’t understand how you can ask me this question when the season is not over. Historically, you have to earn something to win the Ballon d’Or. If you’re not Messi or Ronaldo, you probably have to win the Champions League, which we haven’t done yet. So give us a few weeks and we’ll see. Sadio wants to help the team and that’s what I like,” concluded Klopp in remarks relayed by RMC.

to summarize

While Sadio Mané did not appreciate having to go out against Villarreal at all, his manager at Liverpool spoke to him about his potential Ballon d’Or. By calming things down as the season is not over for the Reds who have a lot of titles to play for.