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NPFL: Abubakar Bala parts ways with Katsina United over contract breach and maltreatment



By Wale Mustapha

Abubakar Bala has terminated his contract with Katsina United as Technical Adviser due to the club’s failure to honor their contractual obligations and instances of maltreatment.

Bala, who joined the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) side towards the end of the first round, played a pivotal role in stabilizing and lifting the Chanji Boys away from the relegation zone.

However, following Katsina United’s 1-0 defeat to Sunshine Stars on Wednesday, Bala made the decision to resign, citing the lack of a conducive working environment and the club’s failure to fulfill their contractual commitments.

Reports indicate that Bala has not received his monthly salary since joining the club four months ago. Additionally, he faced two separate attacks from irate Katsina United fans, with no intervention from the interim management. On one occasion, he was rescued by heavily armed security personnel.

In his resignation letter, Bala expressed his gratitude for the opportunities and support he received during his tenure with the club, while also emphasizing his disappointment with the prevailing circumstances.

He stated, “I humbly wish to resign my position as the Head Coach of Katsina United. This is a result of the lack of a conducive atmosphere and the non-fulfillment of my contract agreements. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunities and support given to me during my brief stay with the club and wish the team the best of the season.”

Bala took charge of Katsina United on MatchDay 13 when they were in 15th position with 14 points, just one point above the relegation zone. Under his guidance, the team played 12 matches, securing 6 home wins, 2 away draws, 1 home draw, and 3 away losses, accumulating a total of 21 points from a possible 36.

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