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Moroccan football museum inauguration marks milestone in nation’s sporting heritage



In a historic ceremony, the Moroccan Football Museum was officially opened on Thursday, March 22, 2024, at the FRMF headquarters in Maâmoura, near Salé.

Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch led the proceedings, joined by esteemed dignitaries including Minister Chakib Benmoussa and FRMF President Fouzi Lekjaa.

During the inauguration, President Lekjaa emphasized the museum’s role, stating, “The inauguration of the Moroccan Football Museum constitutes a contribution to the preservation of national football memory and the enhancement of its historical capital.”

Curator Zaid Ouakrim echoed this sentiment, noting, “The museum celebrates a glorious past and testifies to a present rich in performances that make the Moroccan public proud.”

Spanning 2100 square meters, the museum showcases Morocco’s football journey since 1906, highlighting significant moments and achievements.

Ouakrim explained, “The permanent exhibition offers a comprehensive look at the rich history and highlights of Moroccan football, through six spaces.” Additionally, the temporary exhibition delves into the journeys of national teams and clubs, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the sport’s evolution.

With its grand opening, the Moroccan Football Museum stands as a testament to the nation’s sporting heritage, immortalizing the past while inspiring future generations to embrace the spirit of football.

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