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Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka collaborates with Nando’s to craft exclusive peri-peri sauce



By Monsurah Olatunji

Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka, proud of his Nigerian heritage, has collaborated with the renowned fast-food chain Nando’s to introduce a special limited edition Peri-Peri sauce.

Dubbed “Peri-peri Saka,” this unique sauce was unveiled on Instagram alongside a captivating video featuring Saka as the head chef in the kitchen. In the video, Saka directs a team of chefs, emphasizing the addition of more tomatoes and garlic to perfect the sauce.

Drawing inspiration from his Yoruba roots, Saka infuses the Peri-Peri sauce with a distinct flair that reflects his cultural background.

Expressing his excitement, Saka shared that his father has always been a fan of Nando’s, and he himself has enjoyed their offerings since childhood.

“The sauce combines sweetness, spiciness, and smokiness. I’m thrilled for everyone to try it,” remarked Saka. “Having my own Peri-Peri sauce in every Nando’s restaurant across the country is incredible. My family’s approval means a lot to me, and when my dad endorsed it, I knew we had something special.”

The Peri-Peri Saka sauce delivers a fiery kick balanced with medium-level heat, enhanced by notes of garlic and smoked paprika. With its blend of sweet, spicy, and smoky flavors, this sauce is set to captivate spice enthusiasts and culinary aficionados alike.

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