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‘We are bringing a new thing to Nigerian football’ – Greenlock FC chairman



By Oyediji Oluwaseun Babatunde 

Chairman of Green Lock FC, Dr Olubunmi Oladeinde has revealed that the management of the team is bringing a new thing that has not been seen into the Nigeria football ecosystem.

Oladeinde, a retired Engineer turned football administrator shared his management asipirations at the launch of the club’s logo, kit and website in Abuja on Friday.

Explaining the motive behind the club’s brand and logo, the Nigeria Nationwide League club owner said the club will be ran differently from others in the country, stressing that the club project was ordained and is programmed to benefit Nigerians immensely.

“It is a privilege to find myself in this environment, I least imagined I would ever be someone who will be in the football arena, but it seems like it was ordained and because we give the best in whatever we do,” Oladeinde told media.

“I think Nigerian environment is going to benefit immensely and exceptionally from the value they are going to bring on the table. What you’ll be watching out for is the tenacity for continuation, when you are able to continue doing what you have to do the best way possible, you’ll succeed, so a few years down the line.

“I am expecting an amazing football club that will impact locally and internationally, a club that will not evolve to manage football club as it is done historically in this environment.

“We will develop strategies that will change the game, and with me privileged to be leading, and providing leadership, I will give them the best guidance.”

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Green Lock FC is not merely a football club according to the club website, it is a beacon of hope and opportunity for the immensely talented yet burdened football players in Nigeria.

The club’s core mission is to provide a nurturing environment where these budding stars can have their careers properly harnessed and elevated to the highest zenith of their potential.

They believe in offering these aspiring athletes a chance to not only compete but also to toil relentlessly for professional opportunities with esteemed teams from every corner of the globe.

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