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‘We are here to chart new pathway for young footballers’ – Green Lock FC Vice Chairman



By Oyediji Oluwaseun Babatunde

The Vice Chairman of a newly established team, Greenlock FC’s Olufunsho Peters is of the view that the club will serve as an avenue for young and talented Nigeria football players to have a reason to smile, and the future of those intending to further their careers outside the shores appears to be very bright.

The Visionire of the club said their goal is to enhance a better developmental structure that will improve the game of soccer in Nigeria and beyond.

Also enshrined in their set goals and objectives, is the use of better technology, improving on infrastructure, and a substantial plan that will offer better opportunities for players on the world stage.

“When it comes to investing in football in Nigeria, there is a lot to talk about, there are lots of talents in Nigeria and what we are doing is that we are bringing coaches from around the world to set their eyes on players, who can compete and work hard and be ready for the professional level, in other to get a part with other teams around the world,” Peters told

“Obviously, with Green lock FC Ltd, our goal is to enhance a recruitment game in every single aspect imaginably possible, Nigeria is having a hard time struggling with infrastructure and good facilities, Green lock FC Ltd will shade some light on that as we plan to enhance that aspect as well with stronger technology, better infrastructure and more concrete plan for these players to get their chance and opportunity on the world stage and it will be like nothing else.”

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Financially, Peters opined that the team has partners globally that they are working with and hope to help players work towards getting into various registered football clubs in Nigeria.

“Talking about the financial aspect of Green Lock FC Ltd and the team that will be set in place, we do have partners all around the world who have seen the potential of this goal and are willing to support it, with that said, the team will be very well taken care of and have the potentials to be in the next level,” he continued.

“When you talk about Green Lock FC Ltd team, we obviously want to play at the highest level possible, and not only in Africa but also showcase and compete in the highest tournament all around the world, with that said, our goal for them are unimaginable.

“We planning to create a tunnel or a pathway whereby players can come together, work hard to get to different various teams that are registered in Nigeria today, and showcase themselves and their skills to the world.

“The people of Nigeria and Africa are very important as well, they’ll play a big role in making this happen, as we will be having more people watching games, fans coming over, more community based, more people involved in that aspect of football, because it’s not just about the players and the game, it’s also about the community and also the culture in order to make this work, so the people of Nigeria and Africa must know they will play a big role and are very important in this.”

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