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Three investors in the running to buy Sampdoria



Sampdoria Massimo Ferrero

At present there are three investors looking to purchase Sampdoria after the Italian club was put up for sale.

Sampdoria are on the verge of bankruptcy. As things stand, Venetian accountant Gianluca Vidal has been put in charge of finding a way out of the labyrinth in which the Ferrero Group has snared the club.

Vidal has to find a buyer who is willing to bear the burden of the club’s 130 million euros in debt situation while also coughing up 20 to 25 million euros to silence the creditors of the two other companies that are inching closer to bankruptcy, Eleven Finance and Farvem.

Other than that, the new owner will have to assume the management liabilities of Sampdoria from 2021 which are around 20 million euros.

And while Doria struggle to avoid relegation which would be a catastrophe in itself, things couldn’t have been in a worse place. If they end up in Serie B, Sampdoria’s problems will only multiply.

The 25 million euros in parachute payment would be good but at the same time, the team’s value will also take a serious hit if they are playing in the second division. Therefore, it is imperative for Sampdoria to stay in Serie A.

Currently, there’s an American, an Italian and an Arab. And no this is not a joke. These are the nationalities of the three potential owners of the club. All three men have declared an interest but it is the Arab who has shown himself to be more active.

Gagged by an NDA, Vidal remains as silent as a fish. The members of Sampdoria’s board also don’t know what’s going on.

Looking at Sampdoria, it is clear that this club is the latest example of an Italian team tiptoeing closer to obscurity. Italian football is riddled with debt. In Serie A alone, the debt is four million euros. However, despite all these challenges and the misadventures under the ownership of Massimo Ferrero, Doria remain a very attractive proposition.

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